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Online sports betting can be a thrill, however, you may not know your left from right when choosing an online sportsbook for the first time. There are so many of them in the UK, knowing where to start can be a bit tricky, especially if you are new at this. Many of these sites offer the best odds and bonuses, while others, you’ll find on the internet, can be less credible and be a waste of time or worse, a waste of your money.

Our goal is to provide you with a list of the best sports betting sites the internet has to offer. We conduct a thorough research, together with testing and trialling online bookies so we can separate the good, the bad and the ugly, and make sure you are left with the UK's most reputable online sports betting brands, offering you the best choice of events and matches, the best user experience and of course offer you reliability and security.

Our Reviewers

Alfie Palmer

A veteran bettor and a skillful writer, Alfie’s hands are on the best odds and bookmakers out there, willing to share his pearls of wisdom with anyone who is interested to know more about online bookies. Currently residing in the culturally vibrant city of London with his wife and 3 kids, Alfie likes to have an occasional breather and place a bet on an upcoming event. 

Tom Brooks

With a bachelor in business on one hand and a master’s in finance on the other, Tom’s true passion lies within the laws of online sports betting. His bets are mostly associated with horse racing events, when occasionally he likes to spice things up with a healthy bet on a football match. It’s no wonder his favorite movie is “Two for the Money”, although he never abides by those gambling rules.

Mia Hunter

An accountant by day and a fierce blogger by night, Mia spends most of her time gathering information for her next hot post. With London’s wild nightlife being her blog’s main topic, Mia also knows her way with numbers. The thrill of online sports betting has gotten through to this talented woman and she randomly dedicates a post or a small tip on sports betting.

How We Rank

Top 5 Sports Betting Sites' team of experts have thoroughly considered crucial factors when ranking online bookmakers, including; software & graphics, bonuses, markets & odds, game availability, deposits and withdrawals, service and customer satisfaction. For more information on our ranking system, visit How We Rate page.

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