What is the Best Sport to Bet On?

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If you want to make a steady profit in sports betting, then you need to know what bets are the most favourable. It all comes down to the sport and your personal knowledge of the sport. Don’t get bogged down in betting on a sport that you rarely watch – stick to what you know!

Recognising the best betting opportunity

Big sports like football, tennis and American football have worlds of statistics to go from, so you can be sure the bookies have done their research and know their stuff. The traders will work out the best betting odds as they have just as much knowledge on the game as anyone.

However, if you know your stuff on less popular sports such as snooker, table tennis, cricket, MMA, etc. then you may just pick out a great betting opportunity. There are many sports where the bookie doesn’t put in the same level of attention, allowing you to find a good price, so you can place a good bet. This can also apply to the lower leagues in certain sports.

Finding the best betting markets

Punters bet for fun right? They want to win but they put a little action on the game just to make it more exciting. Sports like football offer every type of bet. So, instead of placing that 8-fold accumulator and hoping for that big win, it would be much wiser to place a heavier a 2- or 3-fold bet on strong favourites. You should be familiar with the teams and the players, know which players make the difference and be able to make a winning judgement based on what you know.

You’re far more likely to make money by placing a larger wager on the outright match winners rather than betting on a number of matches and hoping all your results come through. And, if you’ve got the insight then use your knowledge to bet on those smaller markets like anytime goal scorer, both teams to score, bookings, etc.

It’s in these smaller markets where you are more likely to unearth a good pricing opportunity.

Other ways to back up your bet

You should always do your research on your bet. Once you have found your best sport to bet on, make sure you know what’s going on with the players or team. Find out about their current form, whether there are any injuries, and how they performed previously against their opponent. These factors should all influence your selection and wager.

Making that winning bet

You’re more likely to maintain a consistent profit when betting if you use your knowledge of the game to your advantage. Usually the odds will agree with your decisions, which means the return may not be as big. But if you bet with your brain then you can be more confident your bet will come through, allowing you to wager a little more than usual. Just remember to always keep within your bankroll!

It’s your own personal decision to pick what sport to place your bets on, it should fit your style and your grasp of the game. You can check out our pick of the top sports betting sites here.

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