How Do I Choose An Online Sportsbook?

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You’ve always loved the excitement and action of sports betting and now, with the massive explosion of the online world, sports betting sites have opened up a whole new world for anyone interested in placing a bet on their favourite sporting events. So many online sportsbooks are available for any thrilled punter to choose from, however, having such a wide selection can be slightly confusing.
How do you make an intelligent choice about where to put your money?

Think About What’s Important to You

The first thing you’ll want to do before even trying to select the best online sportsbook for yourself is to decide what’s most important to you. There are a number of things to consider like:

  • How quickly the bookmaker pays winners
  • Does the website offer customer support, a physical address, Freephone number, and live chat customer service
  • Reviews and rankings from gaming websites
  • Bonus offers or other specials
  • General feedback on social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Competitive sports betting odds

There are other factors to figure out when choosing the best sports betting site, for instance; some bookies offer cash out options on multipliers, whilst others offer you live streaming of the sporting event you are betting on.

It’s important to also like the look and feel of the site and its overall user friendliness.
Perhaps above all, you want to choose an online sportsbook that has a good reputation for having as many different sporting events and bets as possible, excellent customer care, and fast deposit and withdrawal times. We’ve done extensive research to ensure only sites meeting our high standards appear on Top 5 Sports Betting Sites‘ pages.

What to Do Next

Before you place any bets, you’ll need to make a deposit. Check for any bonuses, specials or free bets that online sportsbook offers. These are great ways to get some extra cash to bet with. Make sure, however, to read the terms and conditions before betting. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re being offered the best odds and highest return for your money.
Compare the odds at a number of bookmakers. It’s not uncommon to have accounts with several bookies so you can place bets where the best odds are. We’ve tried to include all the best places to join and you can compare betting sites to choose the best one for you.

After you’ve made your deposit and understand your bonuses, it’s time to determine what bets you want to place.

The Betting Slip

The betting slip details what you are betting on. It not only shows this but also what the odds are, how much you are staking (per bet and overall), and how much you stand to win.
Play around with the betting slip and see how it changes with different selections. Spend some time understanding how it works, what you are staking and what your potential returns are.

Most importantly, always carefully check that your betting slip is correct before placing your bet.
If you find the betting slip isn’t clear, or your online sportsbook doesn’t offer the bet you want to place, try other recommended sports betting sites, and you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

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