Betting On Boxing Online

The sport of boxing and the world of gambling have gone hand-in-hand for many years, sometimes for the wrong reasons. Boxing betting can add to the excitement of the pugilistic entertainment, and there are many ways to wager on the bout – ranging from picking the winner and round, to whether the fight will go the distance.

To help you get started we’ve rounded up some of the most popular boxing betting markets.


Round Betting Over/Under

This is a wagering option that is often explored, as the odds are more favorable over the straightforward money line bet. The punter will place a bet on whether they think the fight will go over or under a certain number of rounds. The odds will differ depending on whether the bookies believe that the fight will last past a certain round. This of course comes down to the fighters’ form and fight history.
Many boxing betting sites offer round betting where the punter can bet on each fighter to win or lose a particular round. This is generally broken down to grouped rounds (1-3, 4-6, 7.9, etc.). You can place bets on individual rounds, so you could, for example, wager on Fury to win round 3 and Klitschko to win round 6.

How the Fight Ends

One of the most popular wagers in the sport of boxing is the method of victory. This could be a knockout, a technical knockout, throwing in the towel, points, and so on. This bet is popular as punters generally ‘have a hunch’ on how the fight will end.

Boxing Betting Specials

You can find special boxing bets on some sportsbooks. These are usually offered on high profile boxing matches. This can include whether or not there will be a knockdown in a particular round – the odds for this sort of special are obviously high. Another betting special is whether or not both boxers will go down and take the eight count during the fight or if both fighters will stay on their feet throughout every round.
Some boxing betting sites will offer in-play betting (in-fight betting). If you believe a fighter will go down in the next round after watching them struggle in the round before then you can place an in-play bet for them to fall in the next round. Of course, in-play betting odds will change throughout the fight.

Things to Keep in Mind when Betting on Boxing

When you’re wagering on boxing you should ignore the rumours and the noise around the fight. The boxer predictions and trash talk should not have an influence on your wager. It only takes one clean shot to end the fight, so anything can happen regardless of age, ‘ring rust’ or supposed injuries. It should be the records and the performance of the fighters that influence the bet and not the confidence of a boxer in the press conference.