An Intro To Tennis Betting

Betting on Tennis

Tennis provides ample opportunities to have a bet, and not just on the outcome of a particular match. You can bet on the particular score in a match, e.g. 2 Sets to 1, spread betting on the number of games that will make up the match, and even take advantage of handicap betting, making uneven matches more exciting to bet on.

In addition to that, most bookies on Top 5 Sports Betting Sites offer in-play betting so you can bet on the game you are watching right now. You can bet on the outcome of the set or match once the match is already in progress, or even on the outcome of the very next point!

Whether you want a short term bet, like who will win the next game, or you’re in it for the long haul, like betting on the outright tournament winner, there is always plenty of options and excitement when betting on tennis.

Tennis betting has an advantage of the simple one-on-one matchup between two players. In tennis, there are no teammates to let the side down, its one player against the other, and using your knowledge and judgement, you can analyse the form of both players and bet on the likely outcome.

The Tennis Calendar

Tennis in its current form dates back to 19th Century and since then, there have been relativity few changes. Other than rules regarding keeping one foot on the ground whilst serving, the introduction of the tie break rule and the most recent addition of the electronic review technology and challenge system, the game remains basically unchanged since 1890.

Although each June and July we all get swept up with the romance and drama of Wimbledon, let’s not forget there are a host of other tournaments and events throughout the year, including three additional major tennis events making up the Grand Slam tournaments.  The Australian Open takes place each year in January, the French open in May and June and the US Open in August/September.

In addition to the Grand Slams, the Professional Tennis Tour for both Men and Women (known as the ATP & WTA respectively) runs all year round and attracts much attention as the top seeds fight to stay at the top of the rankings. No matter what time of year it is, there is normally some tennis event going on.

Tennis Surfaces

Different events and tournaments are played on different surfaces. There are four main types of surface – Grass, Clay, Hard and Indoor. Certain players will perform better on certain surfaces, so it’s good to know which players prefer which surfaces as this can help you get an edge. For example, it’s well-known that Rafael Nadal is an expert when playing on Clay, whereas Roger Federer struggles on Clay and prefers Grass. If Federer plays Nadal on Clay, statistically its likely Nadal will win. The style of play will greatly change depending on the surface. Clay courts tend to be slower so favour baseline players, whereas grass and indoor lead to a quicker game and will favour those who like to go for the lines.

Of course, you can’t just look at historic results when deciding who to bet on, it’s important to look at recent form, recent injuries and personal circumstances when considering who will win a match. As with most betting, the more information you can gather, the more chance you will have of correctly betting on the winner.

Why Betting on Tennis is so Popular

Tennis betting is becoming more and more popular, and it’s really no surprise. With more and more markets available, both before the event and in-play betting, the sheer amount of statistical information on hand, the extensive television coverage of all major tournaments and the overall enjoyment of the spectacle, tennis as a sport has never been more popular, and the bookies are keeping up with the times by making online betting on tennis more and more exciting.